3 thoughts on “The future of government digital”

  1. Alexis
    I think the idea that people’s perception of and contact with Government will be through the Internet is increasingly already happening. How far that will go – Government making decisions based on online interaction with citizens for example – is a more difficult question. I wouldn’t under-estimate the scale of digital exclusion – 10% is still 6 million people, and they are probably the ones that use Government services more than the 90%.

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    1. I think that eventually government will make more decisions based on online interactions, but this raises some ethical questions. One example they talked about in the masterclass is online courses. The university they looked at could tell, with almost 100% accuracy, whether someone will drop out before the end of the course based on their online behaviour during the course. But should they invest more in the students who are likely to drop out, or less?

      With digital exclusion I guess we need to keep encouraging more people to get online but make sure there’s always an alternative for those who can’t.


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