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50 first tweets

When I joined Twitter a few years ago it was because it was the latest trendy thing on social media so I thought I should give it a go, not because I had a clear idea of what I would use it for. At first I tweeted about any old thing just to get the hang of how it works. After a while I decided that, for me, Twitter’s most useful for sharing and reading social media tips and the highlights from events, and drawing attention to the things I work on, particularly high street regeneration and markets. It’s also great for hearing from other people who work on similar things.

If you’re new to Twitter you might still be figuring out how to make the best use of it. In the meantime, if you just want to get some tweeting practice and become more familiar with how Twitter works, here are 50 ideas for things you can tweet about:

  1. Details of an event you’re going to
  2. The highlights of an event you’ve been to
  3. What’s happening live while you’re at an event
  4. A link to an interesting article you’ve read
  5. A comment about a blog you’ve read
  6. A link to an interesting forum discussion
  7. A quote that’s inspired you
  8. Some useful advice you’ve heard
  9. Your top tips
  10. Interesting facts
  11. Little-known stats
  12. Facts or stats relevant to the area where you live
  13. What you thought of a film or show
  14. Details of an exhibition you’ve seen
  15. A venue you liked (or didn’t like)
  16. A great restaurant or café you’ve discovered
  17. A special offer you’ve seen
  18. A photo of something interesting you’ve seen
  19. A Vine video
  20. Ask a question
  21. Answer a question
  22. Comment on a sporting event
  23. Ask for a recommendation
  24. Say what you think of a place you’ve visited
  25. Let people know about traffic problems
  26. Warn people about public transport delays
  27. Encourage people to support a cause
  28. Highlight an important issue
  29. Link to a petition
  30. Give you’re opinion on a current issue
  31. Introduce yourself to someone you’d like to meet
  32. Congratulate someone
  33. Wish someone luck/happy birthday/bon voyage etc
  34. Thank someone
  35. Follow up a meeting with a tweet
  36. Thank a company for good customer service
  37. Moan about bad customer service
  38. Ask someone for a live update
  39. Big up someone who deserves it
  40. Share a useful tool
  41. Talk about a project you’re working on
  42. Get feedback on something you’re working on
  43. Take part in a Q&A
  44. Share a joke
  45. Recommend a training course
  46. Share the results of a poll
  47. Share some trivia or quiz questions
  48. Share your achievements
  49. Tell people what music you’re listening to and why you like it
  50. Retweet other people

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