Choosing a Facebook account, group or page

A client recently asked me about the difference between a Facebook account, page and group. If you’re familiar with Facebook it’s straightforward but for newbies it can be confusing.

An account is usually personal, for individuals. Set up an account to connect with your friends and family. Use it to share photos and updates about your life, and other things you and your friends are interested in. An account has two main sections: your news feed where you see your friends’ posts and posts from pages you follow; and your profile where your own posts appear in a timeline.

A group is for people with a shared interest to join. For example, you might have a group for people who live in your area so you can discuss local issues and share details of nearby events. Groups can be public or closed. If they’re public, anyone can join the group and see its members and posts. If it’s closed, an admin has to approve requests to join. People can see the group’s members but not the posts unless they become a member too. Before you set up a new group it’s a good idea to check that there isn’t a similar one that exists already to avoid duplication.

A page is the best option for a business or cause. Pages are public so everyone can see the content. Content is created by the page admin(s). Other people can post to the page (unless you turn this setting off) but you’re able to approve their posts before they show up in the visitor posts section. Visitor posts won’t appear on the main page unless you share them. Anyone can ‘like’ and ‘follow’ your page. People can also message you via the page.

Pages are also useful if you want to keep your business interaction away from your personal account. For example if I was a personal trainer, I would have an account where I add people I know to my friends list. Then I would have a page where I advertise my services and talk to clients.




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